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Good morning darlings,

I’m writing this message to you from a lovey apartment in Marbella. I’ve been called to this sunny city in Southern Spain for the perverse act of money making.

I won’t bother you with the details of this business trip, but I will share some of my other thoughts with you. 

  1. Thought – Destroy the Matrix
  2. Art – Discovery of the enigmatic Einstein tile
  3. Quote – Normal People
  4. Picture – Earth Garden Festival
Skills that destroy the matrix

1. Thought – Destroying the Matrix

This is a reflection on the process of learning new skills. It came to me when I was walking on the Dingli cliffside together with Becky. We were collecting trash while we were hiking. Trying to clean up nature.

And then suddenly we found something special…

Something that screamed to be elevated from roadside trash to roadside trophy.

But that special transcendence from trash to trophy was only possible because we had just acquired some new skills.

Skills that destroy the matrix.

Read the article here

einstein tile

2. Art – Discovery of the enigmatic Einstein tile

As some of you guys might know, I’m into geometry and tessellations. So you can imagine my excitement when I learned about the discovery of the enigmatic Einstein tile.

This Einstein-tile is something that researchers have been looking for over five decades. In technical terms it is an ‘aperiodic monotile’. What this means is that you can copy/paste this tile and lay them in a way that fills an entire surface (like in the picture above), without it ever creating any patterns of repeating blocks of tiles.

Hence the name Einstein. It doesn’t actually have anything to do with the famous scientist with the crazy hair. It’s just a pun by some German mathematicians 🙂

(Mono tile -> Ein Stein)

Read more about it here.

3. Quote

‘The cherries hang around them gleaming like so many spectral planets’

This is a quote from the book Normal People by Sally Rooney. It’s the kind of bestseller that I am usually quite skeptical of. It has sold over one million (!) copies world wide, and also the TV adaptation has become very successful. It is popular among the type of people that will make sad, emotional pictures of the story and post them on Tumblr. You see: not very interesting for a snob like me.

But Becky’s mum B. had left a copy of the book in our apartment recently, so I decided to give it a try anyway.

And I did not regret that at all.

A phenomenal book. Very good.

Read my full review here.


5. Picture

Here is a fun picture with some friends at the festival Earth Garden. We had Becky’s friend J. visiting us this weekend and we were in the possession of weekend tickets for this festival. Very enjoyable!