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Hello my darlings,

I’m reporting to you from my home base, Malta. I’ve been back here now for one week and coincidentally this is also the week that the island has been suffering from a massive heatwave. A heatwave that subsequently lead to long lasting power cuts, which meant we had to sleep without AC for several nights.

But despite these inconveniences, I’m feeling happy.

Let me explain by means of an illustration.

This week, I woke up one morning and walked to the reading chair in the corner of the living room. Before I got to the chair I paused to take in still life that was painted in front of my eyes.

Soft warm sunlight is illuminating the view from the balcony. It covers everything in a slowly viscous, golden glow, much akin to honey. There is an easy reading chair, a good book, a cold glass of ice coffee, and the open doors to the balcony that simultaneously serve as an entry and a barrier to the world outside. Inviting the murmuring sounds in, whilst keeping all curious eyes out.

To me, this image looked like a still from an old movie. From Rome of the 1950s, or Barcelona in the 30s.

Absolutely terrific.

I thought to myself: ‘Ha, look at you… who would’ve thought you’d ever be living this life… not bad… not bad at all.’

Am I emailing just to tell you I’m doing well and that I’m happy? No, not really.

Or maybe, in a much realer sense: yes, yes I am.

But besides that notification, I also have some other stuff that I’d like to share with you:

  1. Italian book/film Le Otto Montagne
  2. Cold almond soup from Cordoba
  3. Israeli fashion designer Hed Mayner
the eight mountains movie

Le Otto Montagne (book/film)

By a stroke of luck we found out that the Italian Film Days had brought the film ‘Le Otto Montagne’ to Malta this week. So naturally, we had to check it out.

Le Otto Montagne is a beautiful story about friendship and family that unfolds against the magnificent backdrop of the Aosta Valley, in the Italian Alps.

This is also the area where I’ve been coming for the last 20 years with my family for wintersport. And the same area where I spent my month of solitude earlier this year. It is during this month of solitude that I read the book on which this film is based.

The story stayed with me for a long time. It’s one of those stories that makes you reflect on a lot of things in your life.

Read my thoughts on this book/film.

almond soup Mazamorra Cordoba

I ate nut soup

Although the official term is ‘Mazamorra Cordoba’ – an arguably better suited nomenclature than ‘nut soup’.

It’s a strange soup made out of almonds that is traditionally served cold. I encountered the soup last month when I visited Cordoba and I have been thinking about it ever since.

So here is my rendition of the soup + my critical analysis of it.


“Glaciers are the memory of past winters that the mountain keeps for us. Above a certain altitude, they hold that memory, so if we want to know about a past winter, we have to go up.”

Paolo Cognetti, Le Otto Montagne

Fashion designer: Hed Mayner

Recently I stumbled upon the works of the Israeli menswear designer Hed Mayner. The photos I’m sharing here are from his 2022 spring/summer collection.

I think these outfits look very cool.

If you’ve read my article on explorer core, you’ll understand that these outfit fit right in that category. Don’t they look practical, comfortable and sturdy to you? Perfect to wear during expeditions.