Hello my friends and other dirty little freaks,

I’ve skinned a productivity guru alive and now I’m wearing its skin. I’ve stolen its powers and that’s how I ended up writing the two productivity self-help guides below.

As a bonus I’ve also shared my favourite bieps&boeps-music at the bottom of this letter.

How to speed run a museum (guide)

Do museums leave you mentally knackered? Do you also think that critically observing art takes too much time? But you’re also suffering from a severe case of FOMO? Then this guide is for you.


How I transcribed 4.5h of audio with Python

Instead of paying some awful SaaS entrepreneur for their crappy freemium software, I decided to write my own Python script to automatically transcribe 4.5 hours of audio in a matter of minutes (using aRtiFiciaL iNteLLiGeNCe).

In this article I share my code, so you can use it to easily transcribe your audio files.

My favourite ‘beeps & boops’-music

Becky usually describes my music taste as: ‘either an person wailing, or loud beeps and boops’. And I’m always a bit scared by how accurate that is.

Today I won’t talk about Leonard Cohen, Lana del Rey, or Townes van Zandt, but the music in the ‘beeps and boops’-category.

Beeps and boops music is:

  • loud
  • cacophony of weird noises
  • aggressively happy

Here is my bieps&boeps-playlist (warning: some songs will make your ears bleed). Below I have some more specific recommendations for the sub genres: hyperpop, gabberpop, and kaboutercore.


All features of traditional pop songs turned to the max. Read here how actually music people describe this genre. Personally I feel this genre (specifically 100 gecs) gives me everything that punk should give me. Loud noises, distortion, high contrast. Punk guitars sound pretty lame to me after listening to these songs.

Artist: 100 gecs

Songs: Dumbest Girl Alive, 757, Stupid Horse


This is a Dutch genre that combines loud beebs and boops (inspired by the classic Dutch hardcore and techno scene) with poppy vocals + hiphop inspiration. Absolutely awesome. The artist Joost is now trying to become the Dutch representative for the Eurovision Songfestival and I think that would be completely awesome.

Artists: Joost, Gladde Paling

Songs: Bruder + Schwester, Wachtmuziek, ADHD, Piep n Bass (warning for this one)


I completely made up this genre name, but think off ‘techno music that dwarfs would listen to when they are mining for precious metals’, or ‘mice on XTC’. It is very friendly sounding music. It seems to be mostly a French thing for some reason. Maybe they are into drawfs. The French can be weird like that.

Artists: Roland Cristal, Salut C’est Cool

Songs: Vendetta, Les fleurs