My sporting goals for the year 2022 were quite diverse. Because I have the goal to finish an iron man before I turn 30 (in 2027), I thought it was a good idea to do training 1) running, 2) cycling, and 3) swimming. Next to that, I also figured I should throw in some random challenges.

The result of having so many different goals was that I ended up sporting much more than I did in the years before! Hurray! That’s awesome!

YearTotal hours# Activities

As you can see in the graph and the table, I did many more activities in 2022. But the average duration of the activities also decreased. This is mostly because I started doing more yoga, mobility workouts, cooling-down runs, and short recovery activities. This ties in with my new holistic approach to sporting (read more about it below).

Anyway… I have put in many more hours of activities this year, yet when I reflect on the goals that I set out to do at the start of the year, it seems like I failed miserably. Yet I feel great about my sporting year… weird stuff. Let’s have a deeper look into how I increased my training load without managing to reach many of my goals.

Why did I not finish most of my goals?

I think there are a few ways to answer that question. I think the first aspect is to acknowledge that each individual goal is not super difficult to accomplish in a year. That is: if you focus fully on that specific goal. All different goals combined might be a bit much. But the thing with goal setting is that you have to be a bit over-ambitious to make sure that you push yourself. If I would have set lower goals (e.g. closer to the actual results that I accomplished this year), I am convinced that I would not have managed to reach the same results.

Aim for the stars, land on the moon

For example: I set the goal to run 1000KM in 2022. In previous years, I ran only a fraction of that (2021 I ran 193.3KM and in 2020 I ran 102.4KM). So it might seem a bit overambitious to aim to run 5x as much as last year. Yet I thought: 20KM a week, that’s not too much, is it? I can do that! And so I started running. I ended up running 650KM this year. More than 3x as far as a ran in 2021 and more than 6x as far as I ran in 2021. To me, that is a huge result. Really cool. I didn’t reach my goal, but I pushed myself and I accomplished something I had never done before. And it makes it easier for me to try again in 2023.

Focus on consistency

One of my key learning points for this year is that I live life in circles of exploration and focus. So I need to have a period in which I explore and try things, followed by a period of consistency and focus on something in particular. This will not come as a surprise to many, because I believe most things/people work like that. It’s just cool to recognise it and acknowledge it. Because once you are aware of it, you can use it to your advantage. And now that I realised it works just like that for my sport-journey, I can utilise that knowledge to design my plan for next year.

Now that I have tried a little of everything, I can see that it would be better for me to build in consistency in my training routine before I dive into all of the different disciplines of triathlon. Therefore, I will focus on building a proper training regime in 2023 that revolves around running.

Why focus on running? Well, this has three reasons:

  1. I enjoyed running tremendously this year
  2. Cycling is a bit challenging on Malta, I miss the long smooth roads πŸ™
  3. I’m not super confident at swimming yet
  4. Running is very accessible and I can even continue doing it abroad. Easy to build a routine.

So that’s what I will do in 2023. I will focus on running and use cycling and swimming as recovery activities. To break up my week and to keep the training a bit varied.

A holistic training approach

And finally, I learned this year that to be a good athlete, you should be strong in every sense of the word. Of course this is something that is very obvious and many of you know this already. I knew it as well. But I think you don’t fully understand something, until you have your ‘aha-erlebnis’. And I think I had this ‘aha-erlebnis’ this year after the Victoria Lines trail run. The last 5K were pretty tough. But next of my legs getting burned off, I also realised that my form was deteriorating. I felt like my upperbody was just weak.

And especially core strength is quite important to runners, so from that moment I started working on improving it. And the results have been quite satisfying. I feel better and stronger since I have been working out next to my cardio activities. So for next year, I will be focussing on running, but I will do it in a holistic way. That means that I will involve more strength workouts and mobility workouts and stretching.


  •  Run minimally 20KM a week. Hit 1000KM at the end of the year
    • ❌ I ran 650KM this year. So just over half of my goal. Disappointing? No, not really. It is by far the most distance I have ever ran in a year. For reference: in 2021 I ran 193.3KM and in 2020 I ran 102.4KM. So by this rate of growth, I will be able to run at least 1000KM next year.
  •  Run 2 half marathons.
    • βœ… Valletta Half Marathon
    • βœ… Zurrieq Half Marathon
  •  Run 30K in one run
    • ❌ Did not finish this one, but I managed to run the Victoria Lines Trail Run a.k.a. the queen distance of the Maltese trail running competition. I ran this one together with my youngest sister Wies. She flew to Malta specially for this run and it was an awesome experience to share.
  •  Run from the South to the North of Malta (full marathon)
    • ❌ I did not finish this one, but I am confident that I'll manage next year.
victoria lines trail run
19K Victoria Lines Trail Run with Wies (October 2022)
la vallette half marathon malta
La Valette Half Marathon (April 2022)
Sabbatical Jaer Zurrieq Half Marathon
Zurrieq Half Marathon with Cesar (November 2022)


  •  Get swimming lessons
    • Becky both signed up for 10 swimming lessons at the National Swimming pool of Malta. We started full excitement, but ended up only going to the first 3 lessons. We skipped a few lessons in a row because we were traveling and after that it was easy to just stop going... I think one of the reasons was because we were a bit intimidated by the swimming sessions. I had been a long time since someone yelled at like that in training haha.'Why did you stop swimming??' 'Because I swallowed water, I had to breath' 'No! You don't stop swimming, you breathe later!'
  •  Swim minimally 1000M a week. Hit 50KM at the end of the year.
    • ❌
  •  Swim 1K under 2:00/100m
    • ❌
  •  Participate in the Malta-Gozo Swim (or Malta-Comino, depending on how the practice goes haha)
    • ❌


  •  Minimal 40KM a week. Hit 2000KM at the end of the year.
    • ❌
  •  Ride the perimeter of Malta in one day.
    • ❌ I did manage to do this. I didn't even attempt it to be honest. I still think it would be a fun activity to do, so I'll probably try it in 2023. I did however, go on a solo bike tour in Sicily in April. During this adventure, I cycled 170KM in one day. This is the longest ride I ever attempted. It's a longer distance than the perimeter of Malta. Not the same activity, but still cool.
solo cycling trip sicily
My bike and I in the empty ferry from Malta to Sicily


No time restrictions on all of these. It’s just about finishing for me now. A decent pace is preferred, but not required.

I have not attempted any of these challenges this year.

  •  Finish a sprint triathlon: 750M/20KM/5KM triathlon
    • ❌
  •  Finish an olympic triathlon: 1.5KM/40KM/10KM triathlon
    • ❌
  •  Finish an half iron man: 1.9KM/90KM/21KM triathlon
    • ❌

Random physical challenges

  • Learn how to unicycle
    • End goal: unicycle 5KM over the promenade
      • ❌ Started practicing, but not able to ride a full 5K. Becky has much more talent for this one. But I'm confident I'll manage if I practice a bit more.
  • Freediving
    • Hold my breath for 4 minutes
      • ❌ I read a book about this topic and started doing some breathing exercises and practicing holding my breath. I managed to get to 3:03 minutes. Still need to train a little bit more to bet to 4 minutes. But I'm confident I'll manage.
    • Get to 20m deep
      • ❌ Not attempted.
  • Be able to do a backflip
    • ❌ Not attempted.
  • Kayak around Comino in one day
    • ❌ Not attempted. But still very hyped about this idea. Will probably attempt it in 2023.
  • Try rockclimbing in Malta
    • ❌ Not attempted. But still very hyped about this idea. Will probably attempt it in 2023.