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December has started. A great month for reflection and wrapping things up. I’m currently working on my 2022 reflection and solidifying my 2023 goals. I expect to share some of it in the upcoming newsletters. For now, enjoy the updates underneath 🙂

1. Thought

✨ New skills unlock new perspectives on the world 

This is what I was thinking about last Saturday when Becky and I went for a walk from the Dingli Cliffs to the farmers market at Ta’ Qali. We usually take a bin bag on our walks/hikes, so that we can leave the trails cleaner than we found them.

This time however, we found something that we didn’t want to throw away.

A jacket made out of a flashy material.

Usually, we wouldn’t have given it a second thought. We would’ve just thrown it in our bin bag.

But not this time…

This time we thought: ‘Oh, lovely, what a nice material…’

And that’s all because of the sewing course we started in October. Since we’ve started to learn all about sewing and garments, we have gained a new perspective on clothes and materials. And thus also on roadside garments.

Instead of seeing ‘waste’, we saw ‘nice, free material’. And I think it’s really cool how new skills can help you see the world in a different way.

live coding

2. Art – Live Coding

But Sabbatical Jaer, isn’t that just a picture of two dj’s? Nope. What you see is live-coding.

It’s a very cool concept I recently stumbled across. What they do is literally writing scripts that produce music or visuals in real time. Every line of code they write causes instant changes to the output.

Here is a good video of it.

live coding

3. Quote

It’s somewhere between DJ set, avant-garde theatre and a late-1970s Kraftwerk gig.

Two quotes from this Financial Times article about live coding

It’s as if human and machine are finally talking the same language, operating on the same creative plane.


4. Sport

November was my worst month in terms of activities. I only logged 5 hours in total on Strava. I attribute it mostly to being a bit sick most of the time.

But I have regained my strength for December!

This month I’ll be experimenting with a new routine. Instead of spreading workouts over the day, I’ll just cram them all into the morning.

  1. Yoga (10 min)
  2. Warm up (5 min)
  3. Cardio (run/ride 30-90 min)
  4. Post cardio stretch (15 min)
  5. Strength workout (20 min)

In the morning I do everything on auto-pilot anyway. So it’s easy to just add some more things to that auto-pilot-routine. My brain is not awake enough yet to protest or come up with silly excuses. Pretty nice.

5. Picture

sabbatical jaer and wies
sabbatical jaer and wies
sabbatical jaer and wies

A picture sequence of my sister Wies and myself jumping. Taken two weeks ago in the Netherlands.

We stayed in a nice farmhouse in the North-East of the Netherlands with my family to celebrate Sinterklaas. In the background you can see some iconic Hunebedden (megalithic graves).