Last Sunday we did a beautiful hike on the North-East Coast of Malta. Arguably one of the most beautiful areas of Malta. Especially in the wintertime, when Malta turns from a dry, hot, beige rock into a lush green garden full of beauty. We did a very nice walk along the cliffside, which resulted in some lovely views and some challenging paths to cross…

We found this hike on the Maltatina website, which we use quite often to find cool hikes or things to do on the island. Just wanted to credit her for the awesome job she is doing with her website 🙂

Aren’t cliffsides just amazing? Look at that? So cool!

There is quite a lot of climbing involved in this hike. Climbing up and then sliding down slopes 🙂

Luckily the local Maltese people have created some climbing aids at some locations.

And sometimes it’s just fun to climb!

Easy land access for Poseidon

In the pictures above you can see a really nasty creek that we had to cross. In the picture, the creek doesn’t seem to be super deep, but that’s only because the water that you see is just a wave that smashed itself against the walls. I think it was a 4-meter deep creek with very scary waves at the bottom. Impossible to get out if you fall in. But luckily we all managed to jump over safely (with some help from some friendly fellow hikers).

And finally, the last picture I want to share with you all, is this cute little flower that we came across at the end of the hike. Right before we walked up the hill to Bahrija to have a drink (or a few…). I’m still amazed by how green Malta becomes in the wintertime. It’s a bit weird for me, because growing up in the Netherlands, I learned to associate the wintertime with death, colorlessness, and nature retreating itself. But here in Malta, the wintertime is a time of flourishing and beautiful nature. And it puts a smile on my face every single time 🙂