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I’ve almost finished my 2023 planning document, and I’m looking forward to sharing it next week! But before that, I’d like to share my final reflections on 2022 with you.

jaer photo lawn

1. Thought

✨ Studying, creating, sharing, reflecting 

This is what I love to do! In that order. It might be a super obvious process to most of you, but whilst reflection on 2022 and planning 2023, I noticed this pattern in all of my projects.

I believe it to be the perfect approach for me personally.

And I will use this to deepen the relationships with the world around me.

Maltese tiles art generative

2. Art – reflection on my cultural year

My final reflection document for 2022! It’s about my cultural year. How I aimed to become a soup boi, but remained a mere soup apprentice… But also about my generative art journey, and my reading/writing journey.

The image above is the output of one of my algorithms! It is inspired by the beautiful, traditional Maltese tiles.

3. Quote

Ultimately, society must move “from the Anthropocene to the Symbiocene”

This is a quote from Marian Stuiver (Wageningen University), but she is referring to a quote by the Australian scholar Glenn Albrecht.

We have to move away from the era where humans are dominating the world, to an era where humans, nature, and technology are living in harmony together.

This is a topic that I find very interesting, and I’m looking forward to exploring it more in 2023!

Spain run

4. Sport – great start of 2023!

January has been a great month for me sport wise! Check out these stats:

Total running distance: 108.7 km

Total activities time: 23 hours (running, cycling, yoga, hike, workouts etc)

I’m most proud of the fact that my 1 week abroad (Scotland+England) didn’t interrupt my training routine.

Last year I probably would’ve taken a week off from running and I would’ve struggled to get back into it after returning home. But this year it went alright! (not perfect yet, but it’s progress!)

5. Picture – a new table!

This week we bought a beautiful, second-hand, mid-century table 🙂 We carried it all the way home. A whopping 3.4KM according to Strava… Pretty mental. But it’s a great table to work on our projects (it’s 180x130cm, and very sturdy!)