Dear friends,

The last couple of weeks have been a bit busy. We’ve celebrated our goodbye party in Malta, my birthday in the Netherlands, we’ve found an apartment in Sofia (oh yes, we’re moving to Bulgaria, more on that in the next newsletter), and we went to Italy for winter sport with my family.

But despite the busy schedule, I’ve managed to finish my 2023 reflection document.

And even more interesting…I’ve finished the analysis of my 2023 alcohol consumption!

In this document I reflect on all of my 2023 goals. I’ve tried to keep it short and snappy this year.

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I tracked all of my 744 alcoholic drinks in 2023

So you’d like to learn all about my alcohol consumption? What country serves me the weakest drinks? What my most consumed cocktail is? What my longest run of sobriety is?You’ll be able to find all of that information in this article. Including many: ✨ awesome graphs ✨

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