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Here they are! The complete overview of my plans and goals for 2023! I’m so excited to share them with you. Go ahead, click on the link and let me know what you think of it!

Read my 2023 goals and planning here

1. Thought: creating my own -core

I made a groundbreaking discovery in my preposterous desire to condense my life down to into a single bite-sized-chunk! First I managed to boil all of my activities, values, and desires down to these three bullet points:

  • Independent, creative developer
  • Independent thinker
  • Endurance adventure sporter

Then I figured out that these three bullet points can be combined into one single magnificent vision. The vision of a fin-de-siècle explorer. I call it ‘explorer core’.

Read my article about explorer core

If you want to see more of these very fashionable 20th-century mountaineers than you should definitely read the article where I explain what ‘explorer core’ is, and how it reflects my goals, dreams, values, and hobbies.

Tree ring algo
Latest iteration of my tree-ring algorithm. Find it on my dedicated instagram page.

2. Art – 2023 solo exhibition

I have an interesting range of goals for 2023 to develop myself culturally. The main objective however is to organise a cool solo exhibition. This main goal will combine all of my subgoals into one. You can read the details and the direction of this exhibition in my 2023 document.

2023 document

3. Quote

“The whole world was functioning for the benefit of my personal observation and education”

Leonard Cohen. This quote plays an indispensable role in my vision of an explorer.

Running Victoria Lines Trailrun 19K

4. Sport – my 2023 goals

I am extremely excited to share these goals! I’m already 6 weeks into my training plan for the Gozo ultra marathon and I’m enjoying it tremendously!

  • Gozo 50K trail ultramarathon (5th of May)
  • Unofficial trail marathon from the North to the South of Malta
  • My first official marathon in September/October with my sister Wies (location t.b.a.)

These running goals will be supplemented with strength and mobility training. You can read more about my holistic training intentions in the 2023 document.

2023 document

5. Picture – I made a Tsuno bag!

Custom Tsuno bag
Custom Tsuno bag handmade

And then I took it out rock climbing 🙂