Hello my dear friends,I have special news for you. On a cold day in October 2023, for the first time in history….. my girlfriend Becky’s parents met my parents. In order to keep the peace, we decided to meet on neutral ground: Italy.And yes, indeed, we all made chestnut soup together.PS I read Mussolini’s romantic novel, and it didn’t disappoint…

chestnut soup italy

I made chestnut soup in Italy

This is a story about the first time our parents met. It’s a story about the gifts of nature, two families coming together, and most importantly…. soup 🙂

Let me read this Soup Story!

Cardinal's mistress Mussolini

I read Mussolini’s romantic novel, and it didn’t disappoint

Yes, you read that correctly. Mussolini wrote a romantic novel. And I read it for you. Is it hot-steamy erotica? Is it a literary masterpiece? Let’s find out!

Read my thoughts on Mussolini’s romance

Other interesting news

Here is a small collection of noteworthy particularities that I’d like to share with you: